Bill Doraty Kia Gains Top Spot in Central Region for March

April 9, 2014
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Bill Doraty KiaBill Doraty Kia of Medina, Ohio became a JKR Automotive Advertising client in 2010. At the time, they were the 18th-ranked Kia dealer in the country – which is certainly not a bad place to be. But he always felt they could do better, and that’s why he enlisted the services of JKR. “There were a lot of guys in my 20 Group who were JKR clients,” Mr. Doraty said. “I listened to them, took their advice and signed on.”

It has been a mutually beneficial relationship between Bill Doraty Kia and JKR ever since. In March, it was no exception as the dealership soared to the top of the Central Region and reached No. 7 overall for the month. All told, they delivered a whopping 257 new Kias during March, and the strong month solidified their Top 10 overall ranking for the first quarter. 

Bill Doraty Kia is 2nd No. 1 in Central Region for JKR

While it’s not uncommon for Bill Doraty Kia to be a Top 10 Kia dealer, it is rare when the same automotive advertising agency has two No. 1 dealers in the same region sporting different brands. If you recall, last week we reported that another JKR client (Suntrup Hyundai South County in St. Louis) also achieved the top spot in the Central Region. With the announcement of Bill Doraty Kia’s first-place finish, JKR now has quite a dynamic duo on its hands!

“JKR Automotive Advertising is highly successful with clients representing all major brands,” said Jeff Johnson, JKR Partner and Account Executive for Bill Doraty Kia. “Each client base and media market is different, and we take the time to thoroughly research each one. As a result, our clients get the lowest ad rates in their market, as well as custom creative advertisements perfectly positioned for their specific brand’s target audience.”

JKR: The Agency for All Brands & Markets

Automotive advertising is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. What works for one dealership (or in one media market) may not work in another. Many agencies do not know how to adjust their advertising efforts accordingly. We invite you to call JKR today at (321) 397-0777, and we’ll give you a thorough explanation we assure you would be well worth your time. You’ll find out more about your market and your competition than you currently know, and you’ll discover the many ways JKR Automotive Advertising works wonders for our clients.


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