In-House. Not Outsourced.

Television, radio, PPC, SEO and every other acronym associated with automotive marketing. We do it all, we do it in-house
and we do it better. Our exceptional media buying power, analytics, breakthrough creative and deep knowledge across the
industry delivers outstanding efficiencies for you and powerful messaging to your customers. In our constant state of
assessment, we pride ourselves for keeping a sharp eye on your bottom line and our output well into the redline.

65 Professionals. 1 Mission

Our leadership is accomplished and diverse. From corporate MBA’s to former dealership owners their collective
experience makes them well-qualified for the driver's seat. Their deep understanding of your business, down to the tiniest
detail, is trumped only by their motivation to see our clients increase market share and become the leader in their category.
  • “Since retaining JKR our
    opportunities have increased across the board.

    ...including the Internet, walk-in traffic and phone traffic.
    JKR is a great organization from front to back – and you’d be smart to check them out.”
    – Jim Sipala Owner, Kia of West Chester
    and Kia of Coatesville (PA)
  • “JKR has been an integral part
    of our success for the last 14 years.

    Anyone who wants to improve their profitability and market share should call them now.”
    – Don Hobden Dealer Principal
    The Kia Stores
  • “Our store averaged 42 new Kias per month through the month of June.
    Enter the solution in July, and BAM! In July we sold 106 new cars! How does that happen?

    “I’ll tell you, I found the X factor.
    JKR Advertising.”

    – Josh Knight Orr Kia, Shreveport, LA
  • “What truly set JKR apart is their
    approach to buying media,

    and the way they make the TV and radio stations accountable when they don’t produce. That’s something you
    don’t see very often, and we appreciate it because it eliminates all the hidden waste we’d be paying for if JKR wasn’t so vigilant.
    JKR takes a scientific approach to what other agencies consider an art – and it isn’t an art at all!
    – Chevas Sparks Car Town Kia
  • “You can make adjustments to
    your staff to get a few more sales,

    but if you want to significantly improve your numbers you have to do something different.
    In my case, it was hiring JKR. No one can buy media like them, they do the research, and they have
    a great understanding of the Kia brand.”
    – Joe Rossi Orlando Kia East,
    West & North
  • “Most agencies only come to you
    with a month to month plan...

    just to get through the next 30 days. JKR plans out a yearly, long-range strategy with me that takes all
    factors into consideration. On top of that, their media buyers and creative talent are outstanding.”
    – Don Hobden The Kia Stores
  • “I had been looking for a
    magic bullet,

    that, when combined with our own will to succeed, would help make us better.
    I found that in the form of JKR Automotive Advertising.”
    – Dan Mattoon Prestige Kia

There's Nothing Like That
New Agency Smell.

With us, it’s one of success and it’s sweet. We know your time is valuable, and scarce, but if increased
numbers across the board appeals to you, give these a try 321.397.0777 or just click here .
We’re all about making it easy, and profitable, for you.

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