The 21 Reasons People Listen to Radio

There are at least 21 major reasons people listen to AM/FM radio each day, according to the much-anticipated, recently released Jacobs Media TechSurvey 2018. In it, they cite the 21 top reasons from those surveyed, in an effort to discover the top reasons why people tune in to radio. (And remember, it’s been proven that 92% of all Americans do, in fact, listen to radio.) Which of these 21 make your personal list?

The Jacobs Media 21 Reasons

∙ Easiest to listen to in a car (69%)

∙ Hear favorite songs/artists (60%)

∙ AM/FM radio is free (60%)

∙ Favorite DJs/hosts/shows (58%)

∙ In the habit of listening (50%)

∙ Like to work with the radio on (50%)

∙ Feel a connection with radio (49%)

∙ Keeps me company (45%)

∙ Keeps me informed about the news (41%)

∙ Tells me what’s going on locally (38%)

∙ Puts me in a better mood (37%)

∙ Informs me during an emergency (37%)

∙ Enjoy talk shows (32%)

∙ Escape pressures of everyday life (30%)

∙ Discover new music/new artists

∙ Weather reports (29%)

∙ Traffic reports (27%)

∙ Music surprises (24%)

∙ Charitable/community events (21%)

∙ Sports-themed broadcasts (16%)

∙ Chance to win prizes (14%)


The comprehensive study took a close look at the media habits of 14 different radio format core audiences. It covered 567 radio stations and 64,289 respondents over five generations – from Boomers to Millennials.

Data Supporting the 21 Reasons

Nielsen research reports that Americans age 18-plus listen to AM/FM radio more than 13 hours per week; and Americans spend three times more time with radio than with social media (1 hour and 50 minutes with radio versus 36 minutes with social media). An automotive dealer gets a big return on their investment when they advertise on radio. If you don’t believe us, just ask our clients who do and they’ll happily tell you! Once you’ve refined your ad rates, target audience, reach/frequency and creative, you’ll be amazed how quickly your marketing campaigns improve – and you will understand why radio advertising is such a great option. To find out more, give Richard Brauns a call today at (321) 397-0777.


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