Why JKR Does Advertising and Marketing Best

Advertising and MarketingThere’s no substitute for experience, especially when it comes to automotive advertising and marketing. One of JKR’s major strengths is identifying each client’s individual dealership variables that make them unique in their particular media market. But at the same time, a certain amount of what we do for our clients is based on several key fixed fundamental guidelines that work wonders for any dealership. Why? Because there are similar cause-and-effect occurrences that dealerships of all sizes and markets go through on a daily basis.


One of JKR’s slogans is “Automotive Marketing … Down to a Science” and it’s absolutely true. JKR’s core values take much of the guesswork out of advertising and marketing and replace it with time-tested principles that minimize risk and maximize results. In a very short period of time, JKR finds the straightest line possible between the client and unprecedented success – getting them there faster than they ever thought possible.


Here’s something else to think about: each time JKR is retained by any new dealership, regardless of market, budget, brand or size, we’ve already been down a very similar road with many of our other clients. As a result, we don’t need a “grace period” to get acclimated to being the agency of record for a dealer who is new to us. We have the experience and industry software to quickly enhance the well-being of any dealership. We understand consumer behavior and know what makes them tick.

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