Winning the Advertising Battle

Advertising BattleHow can you succeed in winning the advertising battle? It certainly helps to have attractive and desirable products and services, but these days, almost everybody has those. So in order to conquer the day, a car dealer needs to win the advertising battle in his/her market.


Every day, the average consumer is bombarded with advertising of all kinds. It’s a sort of advertising sensory overload, and as a result there is absolutely no way a person could recall and process all the different ads he/she sees on a daily basis.


It’s the ads that can cut through the clutter that will have an impact on potential customers. Through years of experience, we at JKR have learned a thing or two about how to make that happen.


∙ The ads must be seen and/or heard by the right people

∙ The message must be clearly delivered and be easy to understand

∙ It must be seen/heard with enough frequency for the consumer to remember it

∙ It must stand out from the competition’s advertising in some way

∙ It must address the needs and wants of the prospective customer (think: solution-based)


Car dealers advertise to inform and educate consumers, enhance their dealership’s image, and motivate customers to purchase a vehicle from them. It starts with a great idea, continues with precision execution and a savvy media buy, and finishes with accountability from the media outlets who present the advertisements to the audience.

Turn the Advertising Battle in Your Favor

If you know that your dealership isn’t winning the advertising battle, it’s time for something different … specifically, entrusting your advertising to JKR. While it’s too late to change what’s already happened, you do have the power to positively affect all your tomorrows by retaining JKR Automotive Advertising as your advertising agency. Call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777 to get the ball rolling.


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