Tips for Advertising Cars Online

When advertising cars online, be sure to pay attention to the little details. Why? They can ultimately make the difference in a visit to your dealership to look at a car versus that visit being made at your competition’s store. So that brings us to the question: What are some of these little details?


Correctly Advertising Cars Online 

First, resist the temptation to place too many photos of your vehicles in your ads. A recent CarStory study showed that more than nine pictures causes “image fatigue”; in other words, that’s when a prospective customer loses interest and begins to mentally tune out. According to their findings, postings with nine images generated 50% more leads than posts that had no images at all; and an astounding 71% more than those that had 30 or more photos.


While we are on the topic of images when it comes to advertising cars online, it’s a good idea to alternate interior and exterior photos of each vehicle. Most dealerships start out with numerous exterior photos, then after a while the interior pics finally emerge. As we mentioned in the last paragraph, image fatigue takes over – so the customer should be seeing both interior and exterior shots almost immediately to get a complete visual experience of the car.


It is also important to carefully choose the first-page photo visible to potential customers. Something like an angled, three-quarters shot of the vehicle with the grille pointing toward the price and information makes the car look much more attractive.


Finally, when you take your photos, be very aware of your surroundings. You don’t want anything in the background to distract from the picture itself. After all, the car is the star attraction … not your dealership facility or anything/anyone else that might find its way into the lens when a photo is taken.


None of these things will cost you anything other than perhaps a little time … but these ideas, while seemingly very subtle, will give you a little edge in the online marketplace.


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