Advertising Jingle All the Way (to the Bank)

Advertising JingleDoes your dealership use an advertising jingle to enhance its advertising efforts? Many JKR clients do, and they work exceptionally well. An advertising jingle is simply a short, catchy piece of music that helps reinforce your company and its brand. The basic premise of the advertising jingle is that, after it’s heard again and again, it will result in product recall.

If it works really well, it gets stuck in the head of the listener … and the prospective customer actually finds himself singing it aloud or humming it to himself. When this happens, they unknowingly become advertisers for you, too! The combination of an unforgettable jingle and ample repetition is a winning one!

If you need further explanation of an advertising jingle, we give you this 2010 article from Forbes that offers examples and excellent commentary on why they are so effective.

An advertising jingle is effective in both radio and television, but to do a good one there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it cannot be too long! This is especially true for an automotive dealership, who must fill the majority of its advertisement with information that will entice people to buy a car. Next, the music choice must be from an appropriate genre; and finally, it should have catchy, memorable lyrics.

The First Advertising Jingle

By the way, just in case you’re curious … most folks agree the first advertising jingle happened on Christmas Eve 1926 in Minneapolis, where a group called the “Wheaties Quartet” belted out this number in praise of the popular breakfast cereal.

Have you tried Wheaties? 

They’re whole wheat with all of the bran.

Won’t you try Wheaties? 

For wheat is the best food of man.


They’re crispy and crunchy

The whole year through,

The kiddies never tire of them

and neither will you.


So just try Wheaties,

The best breakfast food in the land.

At the time, sales of Wheaties were slumping and there was actually talk of discontinuing the product. However, General Mills noticed a popularity surge in the areas where the jingle was being aired. When the company opted to take the jingle nationwide, sales soared and the cereal is still doing well today – almost nine decades later! You can listen to part of the actual jingle here:

How to Get Your Own Jingle

If you are interested in your own dealership advertising jingle, give us a call today. We have some of the industry’s most talented musicians and writers working with us … and we’ll produce a jingle your customers won’t soon forget. Get the ball rolling today by calling Eric Tigner at (321) 397-0777.

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