Make Sure You’re Advertising to Everyone

Are you advertising to everyone? Many automobile dealers make the mistake of advertising only to those immediately in the market for a vehicle. While this seems logical, there’s a flaw in that strategy: if your advertisements don’t make everyone take notice of them, your store will not be top of mind when the next month’s buyers are ready to make their purchases.


As the renowned book Making Ads Work so perfectly puts it: It’s what you say, not who you say it to, that will determine your success (in advertising). Most people are “the right people” when you say the right thing … and Few people will be convinced quickly, and few of those people who are convinced will have any immediate need for what you are selling. By the time their need arises, your “testing of the waters” will be over and they will have forgotten you.


So it’s up to you (or whoever handles your advertising) to be sure you’re advertising to everyone – with enough frequency to make you memorable long-term. If your dealership is overtargeting – making your advertisements only for your target audience, you lose the chance of picking up any ancillary customers along the way. Think about it; people in your target audience have spouses; they have siblings; they have parents; they have friends … and so forth. Everyone in these groups could be with the person in your target audience as they listen to, or view your ads. You’re making a big mistake if your ads alienate these folks … because you never know who might be in the market for a new or pre-owned car!


So remember, while you certainly want to leave a lasting impression and create a memorable advertisement, it must be able to reach anyone – not just those who need a car today.


Benefits of Advertising to Everyone

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