Alfa Romeo Returning to United States Later This Year

Alfa RomeoThe Alfa Romeo brand is coming back to the United States later this year, with the reintroduction scheduled for this June. After several false starts, it appears that everything is finally in place for this return to come to fruition.

The last Alfa Romeo vehicles to make it to the United States were exported in 1995. Since then, there has been almost constant chatter that the brand would someday make a comeback.

In 2006, it began to feel “real” with the announcement by Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne that it would happen – but even then, no exact date had been determined. Two years later, talks began to heat up even more when discussions began to potentially allow Alfa Romeo to build their vehicles in unused Chrysler plants.

The First US Alfa Romeo Will Be the 4C

Initially the Alfa Romeo 4C is the only model that will be offered, but additional Alfas will be added during the 2015 calendar year. Among those are the Giulia, the Giulietta and a completely new Spider roadster that is being designed with the help of Mazda.

The 4C is a small, lightweight sports car that will feature a turbocharged engine propelling it from zero to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. The unique 4C two-seater will remind many baby boomers of the Alfa Romeo driven by Dustin Hoffman in the iconic movie The Graduate. It will be available for purchase at all United States Maserati dealerships, as well as many yet-to-be-determined Fiat locations.

The Future of Alfa Romeo in the US

Marchionne and Fiat are depending heavily on the success of the Alfa Romeo reintroduction, so this 4C needs to be something special. It certainly would also help them if the 2015 models arrive on time.

Since there have already been more than a few similar announcements, some experts won’t believe it until they see an Alfa Romeo 4C at at an American dealership. But this time, the declaration seems to have more legs to it, especially since the tentative launch is coming up in just a few short months.