More Reasons Auto Dealers Should Always Advertise

Always AdvertiseYou should always advertise. There … we said it. Your first thought might be, “Of course, JKR is going to tell their clients they should always advertise … they’re an automotive advertising agency, after all.” That would be correct … but that’s not why we defend this position with a great deal of vigor. To get a greater understanding of why you should always advertise, read on.

A good case has already been made at one of our past blogs, which you can refer to here. There are many instances that, when we talk to a prospective client, they tell us all the reasons they are not advertising … or they only advertise when there is some kind of special sale or event at their dealership. Both are mistakes.

More Reasons to Always Advertise

Above and beyond all the reasons presented in the prior blog, we offer some more here. First, an auto dealer must always advertise because they’re in the business for the long haul. Running a car dealership is not a sprint; it is the proverbial marathon that never ends. Because you are there in your market offering your products and services every day, you need to constantly remind your community that you are there; otherwise, they’ll go somewhere else to purchase their next new or pre-owned car (or service, or whatever).

If you only advertise for special events, that’s just as bad as not advertising at all. Why? What you’re effectively doing is telling your community to sit on the sidelines and not consider your dealership until the time comes that you’re running your next super colossal sale. But to stay afloat, you need consistent sales every day of the week! And what if a customer decides he needs a new car during a week when you’re not advertising? So, does this make sense? Absolutely not.

A consistent advertising pace wins the marathon … and we can pretty much guarantee there will never come a day where any car dealer anywhere complains that they have too many customers!

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