American New Car Sales Soar in July

American New Car SalesJuly saw American new car sales soar across the board. While not all the numbers are in yet for some of the foreign-made brands, it’s apparent that July was a month that reinforces the fact that American consumers continue to demand new cars.

American New Car Sales Numbers

The US charge was led by Chrysler, which rose 20 percent in July. These robust numbers were led by Jeep, which went up by an astounding 41 percent. Jeep was followed by an 18 percent increase for Ram, a 17 percent jump for Chrysler, a 3 percent increase for Dodge and 1 percent for Fiat. (Note: The Jeep number is so inflated due to 14,827 sales of the all-new Jeep Cherokee in July.)

Though none of the other “Big 3” brands reached double-digit increases, they did have a prosperous July nonetheless. Second in American new car sales was Ford at 9.6 percent. They were spearheaded by a 17 percent increase in sales of the midsize Fusion, as 32 percent increase in Explorer sales, and a 19 percent increase in sales of their small SUV, the Escape. 

Last but certainly not least in American new car sales was General Motors, who was up 9.4 percent overall. They were led by GMC, who increased 22.2 percent. Buick was next at 7.9 percent, followed by Chevrolet at 7.7 percent and a decline of 2.6 percent for Cadillac.

Overall, the industry prediction for July is an increase of 11.4 percent in new car sales. Estimates provided by and Kelley Blue Book show that about 1.45 million new vehicles were sold in July compared to 1.31 last July. Should this prove to be true, it will be the industry’s best June since 2006.

2014 started out somewhat shakily, but the rebound continues. Kelley Blue Book says the industry is now on pace to sell approximately 16.3 million new cars and trucks this year, an increase of 4.9 percent over the same time in 2013.