Are You Targeting the Right Audience?

AudienceJKR does everything with the right audience in mind. What do we mean by this statement? While our ultimate goal is to make our clients happy, we don’t gear our advertisements toward them. Instead, we produce every commercial with the goal of persuading the intended audience to purchase a vehicle from our clients’ dealerships. At the end of the day, that’s what will excite our clients!


Without the proper guidance, knowledge and experience, car dealers can be misled into believing their advertisements will be effective when they lack many of the elements that would persuade someone to buy a car from them. They might be aesthetically pleasing, not only impressing the client, they impress each other, too – to the point where a particular ad might even become a favorite in-house.


Make Sure the Audience is Right

But here’s the thing: That kind of “in-house” advertising doesn’t sell cars, because it isn’t geared toward the car-buying audience in your market. That’s precisely why you need an agency with automotive experience … one that understands all the major reasons why people purchase automobiles. (Note: If your advertising agency is not able to tell you what those reasons are, there’s a very good chance they are not getting the best results for you.) Everything should be centered on the consumer … and only the consumer.


Automotive Advertising Review

Are your automotive advertising efforts on target? Do you need to enhance your dealership’s reputation in your community? Take the first step today by requesting your FREE Automotive Advertising Review. We’ll take a close look at your marketing strategies (and those of your competitors, too). Before you know it, you’ll have the recommendations of one of the nation’s foremost automotive advertising agencies at your fingertips! Get the wheels in motion today by calling Eric Tigner at (321) 397-0777.


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