Auto buying is evolving faster than ever

Automotive Buying

Auto buying is evolving faster than ever because buyers have more information at their disposal than ever before. They remotely search your lot and scour your inventory with real-time information and before you know it; they are there then they’re gone. On top of it all, today’s auto buyers visit fewer dealerships and websites before buying.

Let’s take a look at that.

Prospects visit fewer dealerships, how come?

First off, they can’t help themselves, there’s something about certain dealerships that draw and attract people like iron to a magnet, or better yet, like a beacon in the night or a foghorn in the murk. Is your dealership a destination or not? Do prospects ignore your dealership, or do they navigate toward you? Does the compass point to you when they are looking for direction? Are you even on their map?

Auto buyers visit fewer websites when shopping, how come? Basically for the same reasons they visit fewer dealerships.

People are funny. They open up Google, enter a dealer’s name in the search box when they can go directly to the address bar and do the same to get to their destination. They use Google the way people once used The Yellow Pages. So what’s the big deal? The big deal is that they ALREADY KNOW THE NAME! And if they searched organically for an auto dealership, they click certain dealers first because they know the name!

The big question is how do they know?

It’s all about Share of Voice!

Share of voice is simple; it’s the sum total of advertising, compared to your competitor’s sum total of advertising. Here’s the shocker you’ve known all along: Those who advertise more, sell more.

Why is Share of Voice so important?

The answer is simple and fundamental to human nature:
People are most comfortable with whom they are most familiar.

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