Auto Newsletters are Customer Retention Tools

Auto NewslettersAuto newsletters help retain customers. This is still very much a fact despite the changes in the way an automotive dealership markets itself to the general public. In today’s automotive advertising world where repeat customers are more important than ever, auto newsletters are an underrated yet highly useful tool to keep your customers coming back to you again and again.

Each customer is very valuable to a car dealership. Making them feel appreciated and cared for will increase the chances they return to you. After all, the last thing you want is for a customer to feel like they’re nothing more than just another number who happens to need a car – and happens to have a checkbook.

Why Auto Newsletters?

Building lasting relationships with your customers is a process that takes time, and auto newsletters can be a vital piece of the puzzle. After all, even your best customers typically only come to your dealership a few times a year. Auto newsletters give you the opportunity to show your customers you have a sincere interest in them, and they offer a car dealer the chance to deliver his/her exact message to their current customers – the very backbone of their business. JKR’s auto newsletters are completely customized every time, allowing our clients to say exactly what they want to say.

Printed auto newsletters are effective for a number of other reasons. Because they are delivered to the customer’s mailbox, he/she will touch it, examine it and most likely open it – especially when they see it’s from their dealership. Providing topical, entertaining information and money-saving coupons means they’ll read it and possibly take advantage of one of the specials relevant to them.

Kick-Start Your Newsletter Program Today

Let JKR Automotive Advertising be the catalyst that drives your dealership’s auto newsletter campaign. Our expert staff takes care of everything from beginning to end … story ideas, writing, design, photos, printing, publishing and fulfillment! To find out more about JKR Automotive Advertising’s newsletter program can do for your dealership, please call (321) 397-0777.

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