Today’s Auto Shopping Experience is Different

Auto Shopping ExperienceThe auto shopping experience of today is dramatically different from the way it was one decade ago. How so? The car shopper in 2016 visits less than two dealerships prior to purchasing their vehicle; whereas 10 years ago, they would visit an average of five stores.


Further, today’s shopper takes more than a month to make a decision – and about half take up to three months to pull the trigger on a car purhchase! People are simply doing more online research on their own prior to making any plans to go to an automotive showroom – and they are no longer as eager to walk in and “kick the tires” on every vehicle in which they might have interest.


With this in mind, it’s imperative that you continue to advertise all the time. If an average customer’s auto shopping experience includes in-person visits to only 1.6 dealerships, they must already be aware of you before they ever begin the car-buying process; otherwise you’re already at a disadvantage … and they will probably end up making those 1.6 visits to competitors’ stores.


A recent article in Dealer Marketing magazine said it best: “They need to know who you are, where you are, and what you can do for them before they need to know it; before they get that promotion and decide to splurge; before they find out they’re pregnant with Number Three and it’s time for three rows and more DVD players; before they discover the neighbor’s new brick mailbox with their radiators.”


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