Automotive Advertising 101

Automotive Advertising 101Effective automotive advertising works because it reaches a car dealership’s potential customers, informs them of new vehicles and services, and ultimately makes them decide to buy a car.

What are the necessary elements to make this happen?

Automotive Advertising Should Be Memorable

Whether you decide to take the serious or comedic route in your advertisements, successful automotive advertising must make the reader or listener (whatever the case may be) stop what they’re doing and pay attention to what is being said and/or shown in your ad.

Automotive Advertising Should Be Credible

Automotive advertising research shows that marketers can connect with a potential auto-buying customer if the ads are “real.” Don’t make promises you can’t keep; doing this could actually have the opposite effect you want! Stay on message without going overboard. Using testimonials from actual customers adds credibility. Make sure every ad is truthful and ethical.

Automotive Advertising Should Be Consistent

Figure out the style of commercials you want to run, then stick with a similar format. Doing so will help ensure your ads are being remembered, and you won’t have to worry about confusing a potential customer.

Automotive Advertising Should Be Well-Produced

Electronic automotive advertisements (TV, radio and Internet) should be left for professionals to write and produce (same for the media buy, too). This is not the place to cut corners; production quality is essential to the success of any automotive advertising campaign. If your ad doesn’t look/sound good and isn’t professionally produced, your customers won’t take you seriously.

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