An Automotive Advertising Budget is Only Part of the Story

Automotive Advertising BudgetWhen it comes to an automotive advertising budget, many people think the proverbial corporate Golden Rule is in effect; he who has the most gold makes the rules. In this case, it would mean the automotive dealer who has the most dollars to spend will have the most impact with his or her advertising.

But hold on just a second! Anyone who has been around the block a time or two knows it takes more than an automotive advertising budget of epic proportions to achieve the desired results. While certainly an important factor, money is not the only factor. 

An Automotive Advertising Budget Well-Spent?

If you are advertising without knowing what else you need to execute a proper campaign, it would be like someone giving you the first several chapters of a book (or maybe the first 45 minutes of a movie) – then failing to give you the rest.

What is most important is that you advertise effectively. Specifically, that means presenting your message to the correct audience … at the correct times … the correct number of times … in the right manner. Easier said than done, right? Yes, unless you have the assistance of experienced people who have all the best industry software. When you have this in your corner, it changes everything.

In addition to all of the above, your creative must be strong … and should focus on the things that make people buy cars. If you don’t know what those things are, you should call us at JKR! If you struggle to come up with creative ideas … if your ads are getting stale … if they aren’t working … it’s time to try a new direction. After all, if you don’t like your own ads, why would you expect your customers to like them?

You want your ads to create product awareness, and you want to draw people to your dealership so your sales staff can sell cars. It sounds simple, but it isn’t.

Oh, and back to the automotive advertising budget thing: do you know how much money per month you should be allocating to advertising? Let’s put it a different way: how do you know the difference between overspending (resulting in a less attractive bottom line) and under-spending (missing out on opportunity)? Without the info we referenced above (the experience, the software and the creative), the best you can do is guess based on trial and error.

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