Automotive Advertising Campaign Basics

Automotive Advertising Campaign BasicsWhat goes into an automotive advertising campaign? There are some essentials. First, you need a message … but not just any message. It must be something your customers will not only pay attention to, but also remember – so that they will want to buy your cars, come to your dealership for service, and so forth.

The second part of an automotive advertising campaign is establishing the goals you want the campaign to achieve. It’s easy to just say you want to “sell more cars,” but you need to be more specific than that. Once you know your goal, you’ll be more able to gear your advertising accordingly.

But what kind of message should you have? Should it be serious and to the point? Should it feature music or even an advertising jingle? Should it be comedic? The answer to this can be partly gleaned from determining your target audience – and knowing their likes and dislikes.

After these important details have been established, it’s on to the next step, which is figuring out how to get this message to the right people (the target audience we just mentioned). Which advertising channels are the best ones to use? Is it radio? Print? Television? The Internet? The right answer is usually some combination of these, but you need a skilled team of professionals to put together an aggressive, effective automotive advertising campaign because there are so many variables that go into deciding what’s best for you, your dealership and your budget.

Last but not least is determining the correct reach and frequency. Reach, of course, is the number of people exposed to your message; frequency is the number of times the person is exposed to it. The simplest example here is if you have 100 people, is it better to send your message to all 100 people once – or 20 people five times – or maybe 10 people 10 times?

These are all difficult questions for a dealer, and without the proper guidance and industry software the concept of putting together an automotive advertising campaign becomes an inexact science and a guessing game. Here at JKR Automotive Advertising, we have it all down to a science. Our Partners and Advertising Executives are all highly experienced, and we know what works for clients of all sizes – in any state. That’s why we have more than 120 clients in about 100 media markets nationwide. We also have all the industry software necessary to help our media buyers make sound, informed decisions that let our clients make the most of their advertising dollars.

Automotive Advertising Campaign Help

If you’re doing your own advertising and wondering each month if you’re getting the most out of your dollars … we can answer that question for you: you’re not. It’s a no-brainer. You couldn’t … unless you’re so familiar with your market and your competition that you know exactly what everyone in the area pays for their ads. You couldn’t … unless you know exactly where to place your advertisements without any tangible data that shows what works and what doesn’t. You couldn’t … unless you know exactly how to hold each media outlet responsible for delivering what you contracted with them to deliver. You couldn’t … unless your ads contain everything they must to make a potential customer want to come buy a vehicle from you. We could go on and on, but you get the point. If you don’t have the automotive advertising campaign basics, you’ll never realize your full potential, plain and simple.

Let JKR do some work for you, free of charge. Give Eric Tigner a call today at (321) 397-0777 and after a brief conversation he’ll send you a FREE advertising review. You’ll learn something new about your market, as well as get an idea of what JKR Automotive Advertising can do for you – with absolutely no strings attached. Why do we do this, when reports of this kind typically cost thousands? Because we’re supremely confident that we can be the difference between mediocrity and overachievement for any automotive dealer of any size – in any part of the country. We look at each client’s unique situation and make the necessary adjustments to take them to the next level. All we need from you is a phone call to get the ball rolling, so don’t wait; call today!

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