Automotive Advertising Essentials: Push and Pull Marketing

Automotive Advertising EssentialsIncluding the automotive advertising essentials is the only way to achieve auto dealer success. As you’re well aware, marketing your dealership is not easy. You must identify your audience, deliver a consistent message, and separate your store from the competition. All the while, the dealership must remain true to its brand.

Not so long ago, you ran your ads, then waited for the public to come to you. But today’s automotive customer is different. Before they set foot into your store, most have spent time online researching you and other area dealerships. 

A dealership can market itself using automotive advertising essentials such as radio, TV, Internet, newspaper and direct mail. But no matter which is selected, every type of advertisement falls under one of two categories – push or pull marketing.

Even if you are not familiar with these terms, you’re using at least one of these to market your dealership. Let’s take a closer look at each, and find out how they apply to your enterprise.

Push Marketing

Push marketing, also called outbound marketing, motivates those not consciously in the market for your product to buy from you; hence the term “push.” Examples of push media include TV, cable and radio.

Pull Marketing

Pull marketing, also known as inbound marketing, is the opposite of push marketing. It takes a different approach because it “pulls” people into your dealership – specifically those who are consciously in the market for your vehicles or services. Signs/logos, newspaper, Internet and your website are excellent examples of pull marketing.

Automotive Advertising Essentials = Success

While you may favor one over the other, you won’t be as successful as you could be unless you do both. Push marketing is necessary to attract those who don’t know about your dealership or aren’t considering it at the moment. Pull marketing is needed to conquer those who are interested, but are still researching what’s out there.

A well-rounded, consistent push-pull advertising campaign helps you cut through all the advertising clutter and deliver the message you want, to the audience for whom it was intended. And it means you have used all the automotive advertising essentials effectively.

Are You Efficiently Marketing Your Dealership?

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