Four Important Automotive Advertising Functions

Automotive Advertising FunctionsToday’s blog is all about automotive advertising functions. Automotive advertising can be found all over the place … on radio or television, on the Internet, in print and even on billboards. If someone asked you why you advertise, you might reply with a simple answer that talks about enhancing your dealership’s bottom line.

While that is certainly the ultimate goal, there are some things that have to happen before, during and after the advertising is consumed by the public to get to that point. With that in mind, here are four automotive advertising functions that cause people to take a closer look at your dealership and ultimately buy cars.

Function 1: Inform Customers

Your advertisements should give potential customers information about your products and services (specials, sales, new products, etc.) and why they should buy from you. Without advertising, a customer may never have known he/she had the option of a certain product or service at your dealership – or may not have even thought of your dealership at all!

Function 2: Develop Brand Identity

During the entire advertising process, an auto dealership not only makes their products and services known, they also differentiate themselves from one another by displaying their own unique selling proposition that help build emotional relationships and loyalty with that dealership.

Function 3: Bring About Action

If your advertisement is captivating and powerful, it will persuade customers to want to buy your products and services. Each advertisement should contain an effective call to action, which encourages potential customers to come to your store, visit the dealership Web site, etc.

Function 4: Enlarge Your Customer Roster

This is the ultimate goal of all these automotive advertising functions. After all, any business needs a large, consistent customer base to ensure their success. When you constantly present the people in your community with your dealership’s message, you positively reinforce your store and your brand(s) … with the goal being long-term relationships with both existing customers and the new ones you’ll get in the future.

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