Automotive Advertising Results from Super Bowl

Automotive Advertising ResultsAutomakers expected big automotive advertising results from their Super Bowl commercials. Now that the dust has settled and the game has been in the books for several weeks, it’s time to rewind and see which manufacturers got the most bang for their buck in what is the most expensive automotive advertising they’ll do at any time of the year.

To refresh your memory, a 30-second spot during the 2014 Super Bowl went for around $4 million. To put that another way, this dollar figure amounts to $133,333 per second! When you have that much invested in one spot – and a humongous viewing audience – you’d better make that time count for something!

Who Got Automotive Advertising Results?

As always, there was a mixed bag of good and bad in this year’s commercial offerings. Among those who have significant rewards to show for their investment are:

Kia: “The Truth,” Kia’s commercial profiling the virtues of the new K900 luxury sedan, unquestionably moved the needle. This ad alluded to The Matrix feature films, and brought about a 7,100 percent increase in consideration on Edmunds from the four previous Sundays. This was the biggest increase on the Edmunds site for any Super-Bowl advertising automotive brand. How well did this advertisement work? The K900 was Edmunds’ most-considered vehicle on Super Bowl Sunday (and the day after, too) … and it isn’t even on sale yet. That’s getting automotive advertising results!

Hyundai: Their 30-second spot called “Dad’s Sixth Sense” highlighting their redesigned Genesis sedan was the top-rated automotive spot in the coveted USA Today Ad Meter, the respected commercial ranker that has its own category for measuring automotive advertising results. Additionally, online traffic on increased ninefold during the hour the commercial was run (compared to the previous hour), and 59 percent more people considered the Genesis on Super Bowl Sunday than the previous four Sundays prior to the big game.

Maserati: Their advertisement entitled “Strike,” a 90-second profile of the Ghibli, resonated with viewers in a big way. Brand searches for Maserati increased eightfold, and specific searches for the Ghibli rose 40-fold.

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