Automotive Advertising Survey Reveals TV’s Strengths

Automotive Advertising SurveyA TV automotive advertising survey by the Video Advertising Bureau gave us some eye-opening information on just how much of an impact TV advertising has upon the psyche of a consumer shopping for an automobile. The report is more than 30 pages long, so we’re summarizing it for you here.


The study, fielded last November, surveyed 1,000 respondents 18 years of age and up who indicated they are likely to purchase a vehicle (new or used) within six months. Here are some findings that show the many ways TV influences a potential car buyer.


TV advertising is relied upon to first learn about particular vehicle brands. When a consumer begins to think about buying a car, TV beats all other forms of media for building brand awareness among every demographic segment.


∙ TV has the most influence on which brands the consumer will consider. What are the attributes of each brand, how many brands make it onto the consumer’s list they’ll consider, etc.? Regardless of gender or ethnicity, TV is the clear leader during the consideration process.


∙ TV causes the consumer to go to the dealership, a crucial component leading to test drives. How about this stat: One out of every two people surveyed visited an auto manufacturer’s Website after seeing a TV ad. Additionally, they responded that TV ads motivated them to go to their local dealership more than twice as often as any other form of media.


∙ TV has the strongest overall influence on a vehicle purchase. Respondents were asked the following question in the automotive advertising survey: “Which form of media do you believe will help influence your final choice of which vehicle to purchase or lease?” Television was again the clear winner.


Despite the technological inroads of recent years, TV is still the unquestioned pacesetter of all automotive advertisements. It touches the most people in the shortest amount of time. A skilled advertising agency like JKR Advertising & Marketing ensures a dealership’s ads are seen by the right audience.


Automotive Advertising Survey Says …

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