JKR: The Automotive Advertising Unfair Advantage

Automotive Advertising Unfair AdvantageJKR is the automotive advertising unfair advantage. One of our newest clients, Taylor Kia of Boardman (OH) is a classic example of what can happen when a client makes the switch to JKR.

March is not yet even complete at the time this is being written, and already Taylor Kia of Boardman is enjoying the automotive advertising unfair advantage. They’re having a record month, shattering sales records and standing out among Kia dealers nationwide. The stats speak for themselves.

Automotive Advertising Unfair Advantage Results

Prior to March: Average of 40 units per week sold

First Week of March: 45 units sold

Second Week of March: 65 units sold

March 24: 19 units delivered on that day alone

March 24-27: 50 appointments set on March 24; 50-plus on March 27 (70% Show Rate)

Month of March: Pacing more than 250 new and used delivered

You may ask, what changed between February and March? What is JKR’s secret? Why is JKR the automotive advertising unfair advantage? You’ll have to call us and find out! Imagine being able to return your entire focus back to your customers and your employees, knowing that your advertisements are the best in the market – and your ad rates are the lowest. JKR Automotive Advertising can help you do that, and a lot more.

If you are like many other dealers, you’ve probably tried just about everything. You may have attempted to do your own advertising; you might even be using an agency that is underperforming. But here’s the thing: you’re never going to get any different results if you aren’t willing to try something new; something that’s a little out of your comfort zone.

If JKR Automotive Advertising didn’t have systems in place that positively affect a dealership’s sales and profitability, we wouldn’t have over 100 clients in more than 80 markets. JKR’s clients are not reactive. They don’t make knee-jerk reactions in response to every peak and valley that might come along. Instead, they’re proactive. A strategic partnership between client and agency is formed, a long-range plan is set, and along the way adjustments are made whenever necessary.

FREE Advertising Review

You’re probably just a little skeptical. We get it, and we understand completely. That’s why we’re offering a FREE advertising review. Simply fill out the form on this page, or call Eric Tigner at (321) 397-0777 and we’ll get to work. Our review includes an evaluation of your current advertising campaigns … and we’ll also give you inside information on what your competitors are doing, too. That alone is worth contacting us. Call us with great expectations, and JKR won’t disappoint. We’re certain you’ll agree that we’ll give you the automotive advertising unfair advantage!