Automotive Advertising Wedding Registry? Chrysler says, “I Do.”

Automotive Advertising Wedding RegistryOne of the most recent Chrysler Automotive Advertising techniques is interesting, indeed. In most cases, when a couple gets engaged they register at their favorite store, allowing friends and family members to purchase items they need or want; you know, things like the proverbial gravy boat, small household appliance or designer dish set.

But Chrysler lets these couples aim higher with “The Dodge Dart Wedding Registry,” a website allowing these duos to raise money toward the purchase of a Dart by letting people chip in for the car instead of the department-store items.

The website permits couples to design the car they want, picking out the features of the exact Dart they covet. It’s a simple premise: once the car has been designed and put up on the website, you let your friends and family purchase purchase some of the parts and components for you. Just as with any other registry, everyone wins because the loved ones of the couple know they’re getting something they specifically asked for.

 There is a place for the couples to write a brief commentary, and once the registry is completed, anyone with Internet access can make a donation.

The Dart Registry can remain open from 1-90 days. It is set up in tiers based upon the size of the donation. Tier 1 is $1-$20, Tier 2 is $21-$40, and so on.  Anyone 18 years of age and older can make a donation.

The Dart Registry is funded through RocketHub, and industry-leading crowd-funding platform that handles all payments processed through The Dart Registry. During the registry period, donated funds are kept in a secure US bank account. After the expiration date of the registry, the couple receives their funds by secure check. Fees of 5% for crowd-funding commission and 4% for RocketHub are subtracted.