The Automotive Co-Op Dance between Dealer and Corporate

Automotive Co-OpThe monthly automotive co-op dance between auto dealer and corporate entity can be a bit awkward, especially if the dealer personnel are not perfectly in step with corporate, who always “leads” this dance. Just ask any clerical worker at an automotive dealership that handles its own advertising. Even in the best of circumstances, it’s an arduous process – but it’s also a very necessary one, because the auto dealer depends on these dollars for operating capital.

Once a spot has been produced, the automotive co-op process begins. When the procedure is followed properly, the first step is sending it to corporate for pre-approval. Why? Because if it’s rejected by corporate, it’s too late to make any changes after the fact … and a simple error like that could cost a dealer a significant amount of money!

After the pre-approval is obtained and the advertisement runs for the entire month, that’s when the fun really begins (we say that tongue in cheek, of course). This “fun” includes acquiring every invoice from every radio and television station … making sure the dates are correct … ensuring that the dollar figures are correct … getting every script with the proper station stamps … making pdfs of video productions … and then sending all this off in a pretty bow to corporate. If there are discrepancies, it requires phone calls and e-mails to station reps. There will be times when numbers are over budget or significantly short, and you have to find out why this happened.

If you have ever handled automotive co-op before, I am preaching to the choir.

The Automotive Co-Op Solution

The automotive co-op issue is just one more reason why JKR Automotive Advertising is well worth the investment. Our billing specialists handle every facet with accuracy and skill – and while no one is perfect, we’re about as close as you’ll find. You’ll love what JKR can do to ease the burden on you! This way, when corporate is ready to do the next co-op dance, you can tell them you’re sitting this one out – and letting JKR cut in.

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