Automotive Manufacturers Increase Ad Spending in 2013

Automotive ManufacturersAutomotive manufacturers continue to understand they can’t afford to refrain from advertising. Last year was proof positive, as the auto industry as a whole increased spending nearly four percent from 2012 – at a total of $15.2 billion.

This total represents the second-largest industry number in 2013. Only retail, at $16 billion, topped the retail industry. It was also the fourth consecutive year that the automotive industry’s total exceeded the number from the previous year. 

Automotive Manufacturers Spending is Impressive

What makes 2013’s total that much more impressive is that 2012 was an Olympic year. During the Olympics, the numbers become “artificially inflated” due to the large number of additional ads that run during this time. Experts estimate that about $3 billion in additional ads ran as a direct result of the Olympics (ads that would not have otherwise run).

Data was compiled by the folks at Kantar Media. They are a media marketing company that uses technology to provide strategic expertise in a number of areas pertinent to television, radio, the Internet, mobile and social media.

Kantar research says General Motors was the biggest spender among all auto manufacturers, shelling out $1.794 billion – an increase of a full 10 percent from 2012. This number represented the second-largest total of any brand regardless of industry … trailing only packaged-goods company Procter & Gamble, which spent $3.17 billion.

If the automotive manufacturers, the “big boys” on the block, are spending on advertising, it stands to reason that local dealerships should follow suit. Once that has been established, the only thing left to do is making sure you’re using your ad budget to the fullest extent.

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