Automotive Marketing Improvement Makes The Difference

Automotive Marketing ImprovementSome car dealers struggle to make automotive marketing improvements. Recent reports indicate that 2013 was the automotive industry’s best year since 2007, yet many dealerships still lack foot traffic. They know it only too well … and it gets reinforced each day by their sales staffs, who lack morale because there are a only a scant few customers.

The dealer may be convinced he’s doing all the right things; still, he’s not getting the results he wants. There can be several reasons for this, usually involving automotive marketing improvements. A car dealer needs to ask some pertinent questions to improve his automotive marketing campaigns.

Is My Automotive Marketing Budget Sufficient?

If you aren’t spending enough to get your name out there, potential customers will go to dealerships with greater name recognition. With that in mind, what are your reach (how many people see your message) and frequency (how often they see your message) numbers? Here at JKR Advertising, we know automotive marketing campaigns need a frequency of six or higher to be effective.

Am I Targeting the Right Consumers?

It’s easy to spend advertising dollars in the wrong places. Maybe you’re doing the same thing as always because it’s worked in the past. Perhaps you’re in the “experimental stage” and haven’t yet hit on the right formula. It could even be that the ad agency you’re using doesn’t have the proper data to help you make informed decisions. (JKR features the latest computer software from Nielsen, Arbitron (now called Nielsen Audio), SQAD, and more … to ensure our clients’ ads target the right audience).

Are My Automotive Marketing Messages Focused?

Is there anything about your TV, radio, Internet or print media ads that make you stand out in a positive way? Are your advertisements professionally produced? Are they memorable? Are my ‘hooks” attractive enough to make customers react? Not only should you be able to answer “yes” to those questions, you should also know customers only buy cars for one of the following five reasons: Price, Monthly Payment, Down Payment, Car Loan and Trade. You shouldn’t be wasting your time with anything else.

Automotive Marketing Improvement – What’s Next?

Are you one of the dealers asking himself, “What automotive marketing improvement can I make?” Remember the definition of insanity … doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results? A lot of dealers are doing just that.

There is a solution to improve your automotive marketing … It’s JKR Automotive Advertising. We’ve been around for more than 20 years and are the lifeline for many of the nation’s leading dealerships. If you need assistance with your media buy, your creative or something else, our experienced team of professionals can help you achieve automotive marketing improvement in a hurry! We help our clients gain a huge competitive edge with innovative on-point creative, the lowest ad rates of anyone in your area, and a host of information they don’t get from anyone else.