Reasons Automotive Newsletter Advertising is Effective

Automotive Newsletter Advertising While the quest to acquire new customers never ends, it’s also of utmost importance to regularly strengthen the relationship with your current customer database. In today’s automotive advertising world where repeat customers are more important than it has ever been, newsletter advertising is a highly effective yet sometimes overlooked way to help you retain your customers. Here are several reasons why automotive newsletter advertising delivers such a powerful punch.

Newsletter Advertising = Dealership Credibility

Studies have shown that readers perceive print advertising as extremely believable. When you give your customers a newsletter that is professional, informative and fun – even saving them money in the form of service specials – it will come across as non-threatening and factual.

Newsletter Advertising = Static Message

A big advantage of a printed automotive newsletter is that it’s not gone after 30 or 60 seconds. Instead, the reader can review it as long as they want, and can even save it and come back to it at their leisure. Offering your customers the opportunity to re-read your advertisements truly is a big deal.

Newsletter Advertising = Results-Driven

An automotive newsletter allows you to plan and execute stories that sell your vehicles and services, putting them in the best possible light through the use of persuasive copy and interesting visual elements. Together, these things work in concert to connect with the emotions of the reader.

Ready for Your Own Newsletter?

Want to mail your own publication? Let the experts at JKR create yours for you! Our team of seasoned account managers, writers, graphic designers and production professionals does everything from A to Z. From content and graphics to printing, list cleaning and shipping, we do it all! Trust us … you’ll love the finished product. We understand an effective newsletter is not a “one-size-fits-all” project; instead it’s a custom production specific to your dealership and its customers. Call us at (321) 397-0777 to find out more.

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