Automotive Newsletter Benefits are Numerous

FoAutomotive Newsletter Benefitsr car dealers, there’s no denying automotive newsletter benefits. Mailing a quarterly custom newsletter to their customers helps car dealers ensure these customers don’t wander elsewhere the next time they need to buy a vehicle or get their current cars serviced.

There are additional automotive newsletter benefits, too. They give you the opportunity to speak to your current customer base, giving them the exact message you want them to hear. They make your customers understand that you will continue to see them as a priority even after a sale is made.

Because they are a printed product, customers receive it in their mailboxes. This ensues that they will touch it and examine it … and they’ll most likely open it and look at it further. And when you provide them with information that is topical and entertaining – and potentially saves them money in the process – you have hit a home run with that customer.

Profiling your latest and greatest car increases dealership foot traffic. Including money-saving coupons helps the service department. Highlighting one or two of your top-notch employees helps foster relationships between your staff and your customers – not to mention what it does for the morale of those employees.

When your customers are happy and satisfied with you, they’ll tell others about their positive experience. By sending them a custom newsletter each quarter, your dealership will remain atop your customers’ minds, which is more important than ever in a day and age where brand loyalty isn’t always what it used to be.

Automotive Advertising Benefits for You

Would you like JKR Automotive Advertising to help kick off your dealership’s custom newsletter campaign? We have an expert staff that will take care of every step; from story ideas, creative and photos to printing, publishing and mail fulfillment. Best of all, you’ll be surprised at just how affordable these newsletters can be – especially when compared to the cost of what it takes to acquire a new customer! If you’d like to know more about JKR’s custom newsletter program, call us at (321) 397-0777 and ask for John Weis.

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