Automotive Newsletter Marketing: Research Shows it Still Works

Automotive Newsletter MarketingWhat’s old is new again … automotive newsletter marketing is gaining momentum as an effective part of any automotive marketing strategy. Despite all the amazing technological breakthroughs of today, there is still a place for direct mail such as automotive newsletters. Recent research backs up this claim.

Newsletters Evoke Emotion

A study by Millward Brown called “Using Neuroscience to Understand the Role of Direct Mail” recently made its way to my desk. I was intrigued by its findings.

Most striking was the positive impact that happens when someone is able to touch, feel and hold a physical piece of mail. For example, the study shows that:

· When presented with a printed piece, a prospective customer will emotionally process it more than via alternative methods. This means better recollection and brand recognition.

· Printed materials produce greater response in the brain, meaning the reader internalizes the message more effectively.

· When a printed piece is presented, there is additional processing happening in the  area involved in processing emotion, which suggests the message is being received very vividly … and vivid is good!

Automotive Newsletter Marketing Gets Attention

Here’s another reason automotive newsletter marketing is effective: It’s seen as much less intrusive than phone calls or e-mails, two other staples used by automotive dealerships (source: July 2011 Journal of Marketing).

A Pitney-Bowes study showed some additional, equally eye-opening numbers:

· More than 70% of those surveyed said they look at direct mail for coupons and specials in an effort to save money.

· 70% say they renewed a relationship with a company they’d stopped doing business with because of direct mail.

· More than 60% of respondents said they preferred direct mail over all other types of direct marketing.

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