Automotive Posting Reports Like Audits for TV, Radio Stations

Automotive Posting ReportsMonthly Automotive Posting Reports are an important part of what we do at JKR Automotive Advertising. They clearly show the performance of TV and radio stations, measuring client invoices (what actually ran) against what was ordered for that month.

These reports, which we prepare using Arbitron (radio) and Nielsen (TV) software, serve as a report card for the stations we use. For our clients, this is a tremendous tool that can save them major dollars. Why? Without an Automotive Posting Report, they would have to take the stations’ word that everything ran as ordered. As you might imagine, this isn’t always the case. 

How Automotive Posting Reports Work

Once the client invoices are entered into our computer system, the posting report is run. Discrepancies between what was ordered and what actually ran are separated out. For example, if 10 radio spots were supposed to run during “morning drive time” and only eight aired during the correct time period, the other two are earmarked. If those two did not run during an equally important or better time period, the media buyer then demands a make-good in the following month.

Another integral part of Automotive Posting Reports is tracking listenership (radio) and viewership (TV). A media buy is executed using books of compiled information from surveys of the country’s media markets. Some of this data is collected using people meters (an electronic recording device); others use a method in which people enter their listening and viewing habits into a journal. These books are then used to verify the promised audiences are listening to the radio commercial or viewing the TV ad. If the listenership/viewership is significantly lower than projected, the station is notified and adjustments are made accordingly.

For many readers, this may be the first time you have ever heard of such a report. Most advertising agencies do not use Automotive Posting Reports, but JKR knows they are tremendous tools that protect our clients from hidden waste.

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