Automotive PPC Attributes: Targeted, Trackable and Effective

Automotive PPC AttributesAutomotive PPC attributes are numerous. PPC, of course, stands for Pay-Per-Click … and it’s a very important part of many flourishing automotive dealers’ overall marketing strategies. Today’s blog will take a closer look at why PPC is so effective – and very inexpensive, too.

Appearing at the top of the search engine pages (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) in an area usually shaded a different color, PPC ads are located in the ideal position on the page. This is a great thing because a good percentage of shoppers search online before going to a physical dealership. The PPC ads are typically the first thing the customer sees due to their location on the page. 

Numerous Automotive PPC Attributes

PPC advertising is so appealing to auto dealers because it’s extremely targeted, and the dealer pays only for the clicks that come from the targeted keywords entered by a potential customer. When that person clicks on one of the automotive PPC ads, they are immediately taken to the dealership’s Website – and only then is the dealer charged for anything; thus the term “Pay-Per-Click.”

If a dealership purchases these ads, this alone greatly increases the odds a potential customer winds up at the dealership’s Website. But when they’re combined with the best “organic” campaign (the process used to get a natural first-page placement), it is exceptionally powerful. Why? When a dealership’s information appears multiple times at the top of a page, they are seen as an authority and customers respond!

Here’s another one of the many automotive PPC attributes: It’s completely trackable. You’ll be able to tell which keywords are attracting the customers’ attention, which gives you the opportunity to tweak your campaigns accordingly. And remember, you’re only paying for the actual clicks.

If you’re still not convinced of the automotive PPC attributes, take a moment or two to do a Google and/or Bing search for both your dealership and a couple of your competitors. If your name isn’t right at the top, it should be – and you should call JKR right away, because we are an automotive advertising agency that understands PPC.

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