Why You Must Be Ready at All Times

Be ReadyBe ready when the time comes for a prospective customer to shop for a vehicle. A recent report  called “2016 Car Buyer Journey” by Cox Automotive (through IHS Automotive) shows some very eye-opening statistics dealers would do well to bear in mind. Here are just a few of them, but please take the time to look at the entire report. It’s just eight pages … and it is chock full of information that will be useful to you.


First, only 34% of buyers know the exact vehicle they want prior to beginning the car-shopping experience. Most people are clueless at first; in fact, 55% weren’t even sure whether they wanted a new or used car. This gives your dealership lots of potential opportunities for sales – making your advertising campaigns vital to your overall success.


Second, the average time spent by a consumer on shopping for a vehicle is 14:44 hours. While just over half of it is spent online, some of the most important periods are when you’re able to get your custom message to them … in their cars via radio advertising and in their homes through TV advertising.


Finally, your staff can make all the difference in the world when it comes to repeat business. While three-quarters of car buyers were satisfied with their overall dealership experience, buyers don’t seem to be at all happy with the length of time it takes to purchase a vehicle. Having good people in place (especially in the finance department where satisfaction ratings tended to be lower) is key.


The study was based on 2,131 car buyers (1,283 new; 848 used) who bought cars between March and May of last year – and based on their behavior and overall dealership experience perception.


Will Your Store Be Ready?

Is your dealership with its current advertising strategy capable of drawing in the undecided two-thirds we mentioned earlier? We can’t answer that without getting to know you … but we are sure of this: If you retain JKR Automotive Advertising as your agency, you will, in fact, be ready! Handling all aspects of your dealership’s marketing takes the combined efforts of an experienced team – just like the ones we have at JKR! Call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777 and discover the path to maximum marketing effectiveness.


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