What’s the Best Commercial Length?

Best Commercial LengthWhat’s the best commercial length? That is a question we are asked frequently, and it isn’t one that can be easily answered in one or two words. It’s a subject that has been debated for a long time. Nearly all radio and television commercials dating back as far as the 1950s were all 60 seconds in length. However, by the 1970s, the 30-second spot was fairly commonplace – and not long after that, the 15-second television spot hit the airwaves. We aren’t able to give you a specific answer to this question without knowing more about you, your dealership and your market … but we do offer these general ideas on the best commercial length.

Best Commercial Length Advice

:60 Spots – They are great for auto dealers because they allow ample time to get in an offer or two, while still affording you the opportunity to give specific details you couldn’t in a shorter advertisement. New dealerships also appreciate the extra time to pitch their dealership and establish credibility with the consumers in their market.

:30 Spots – There is enough time to craft an easy-to-understand message in this amount of time. But while you have enough time to do that, you then lose a lot of time that could be used on a humorous or informative lead-in, or even an additional offer of some kind. There is time to remind people of your current products, but you really have to be creative and concise if you are introducing something new.

:15 Spots – This time flies by quickly! You have time to craft one simple message, and that’s pretty much it. Some dealers like 15-second spots because they allow their spots to be on the air a lot more often … sometimes even during the same commercial break. Think of “bookend-style” advertisements; your 15-second spot followed by a longer ad from a different business … with another of your 15-second spots after that.

Of course, you’re never just limited to one option at JKR. Your media buyer is the person who will be able to help you decide the best commercial length (or lengths) for you, your dealership and your budget.

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