Bid Farewell to These Discontinued Vehicles in 2020

For the past several years, we’ve brought you a list of discontinued vehicles that have ceased (or will soon cease) production for good. The cars on this year’s ledger do nothing but reinforce the notion that today’s car buyers are far more interested in SUVs than cars.


This Year’s Discontinued Vehicles

Buick Cascada: The Cascada actually did what General Motors wanted when it first debuted, conquering convertible lovers from other brands. But because today’s automotive marketplace is so different, GM believes it’s no longer prudent to make the Cascada. Production ended in mid-2019.


Cadillac CT6: The CT6 was on the ropes last year but received what ended up being only a temporary stay of execution. A new engine and Cadillac Super Cruise (hands-free driving system) were not enough to save it. What was once Cadillac’s flagship sedan will no longer be produced as of January 2020.


Chevrolet Impala: Once a shining example of the post-bankruptcy GM recovery, the Impala is now another in a long line of large sedans being eschewed in favor of SUVs. Much like the CT6, production of the Impala will cease at the end of January.


Fiat 500: The diminutive 500 made its debut in 2012 and as time has passed, sales have not been as robust as hoped. Consequently, it has been discontinued in the North American market – and at this point, the future of the entire brand in our country could be in question soon.


Ford Flex: The big, boxy Flex was originally marketed as an alternative to the stereotypical minivan when it debuted 11 years ago. Ford sold just 20,308 of the seven-seat crossover in 2018, and stopped production for good last November.


Infiniti QX30: Since entering the market in 2017, the small crossover has, according to Infiniti, “incurred disappointing sales globally, and we concluded that there is no longer a viable business case for it to be offered in our lineup.” Not much else left to say here.


Jaguar XJ Sedan: Since 1968, there has always been a Jaguar XJ sedan as part of the brand’s lineup – until now. The last XJ rolled off the production line last July. Note: Jaguar has already hinted it may bring back the XJ name as early as next year in another platform.


Lincoln MKC: The compact crossover SUV produced since 2014 for the 2015 model year isn’t really going away as much as it is being completely redesigned and given a different name. The new Corsair is expected to go on sale this year for the 2021 model year.


Toyota Prius C: In 2012 when the first Prius C showed up at Toyota dealerships, gas prices were near $4 per gallon. Today, however, with prices closer to $2.50, demand for the fuel-sipping Prius C had dwindled greatly.


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