Did Your Dealership Have a Great Black Friday?

Black FridayHow did your dealership’s Black Friday go? Did you sell lots of new and pre-owned cars … or was it more like just another day at the office? Until about five years ago, most car dealers didn’t do anything special for Black Friday; instead, they just sat idly by and watched their retail counterparts have their best day of the year. Today, however, that should not be the case!

There is one caveat to this: You could have offered the greatest specials in the world on the greatest cars in the world; but if your dealership’s Black Friday showroom wasn’t brimming with foot traffic, it didn’t make a bit of difference. Here’s the point: Your dealership should have had lots of traffic. You should have had an enthusiastic, motivated staff making sales to excited customers who were taking advantage of special Black Friday incentives.

Cure for the Black Friday Blues

If this didn’t happen for your dealership, a well-placed call to JKR Automotive Advertising should be the first order of business. You need a strong, knowledgeable advocate to help you drive people to your dealership … and your store’s Website, too, for that matter. You should have someone on your side who can help you plan well beyond just this month. That’s us; that’s what we do for all our clients at JKR Automotive Advertising.

Contact Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777 to get things in motion. Before you know it, you’ll have the increased foot traffic you’ve always wanted (and known your dealership was capable of).

To give you something for your time, by contacting us you’ll also receive a complimentary advertising review. You’ll find out how you’re doing compared to the other guys in your market, which is a very valuable piece of information to have … and it’s yours with no strings attached, whether you sign up with us or not.

With JKR Automotive Advertising, good times are just ahead – Black Friday and every day! JKR Automotive Advertising … We Move Cars!