Brand Awareness is Essential

Brand AwarenessBrand awareness is something built over time. Think about it … not everyone who hears your radio or television ads are actively shopping for a vehicle every time they are exposed to them. That does not mean, however, that this is a wasted advertisement; in fact, it’s quite the contrary. When you’re advertising, you are making a sound investment in the future growth of your dealership.

Brand Awareness: Before the Sale

At some point in most adults’ lives, they will need a car. When that happens, they will typically buy from a dealership they knew about before their actual need for a vehicle came about. So it stands to reason, building brand awareness increases the probability customers will know who you are. Because they know who you are, there is a greater likelihood they will buy from you!

If your dealership has not built brand awareness – and therefore isn’t top-of-mind with your local community – there is no question the odds are not in your favor. Consumer studies show that eight out of every 10 consumers turn to brands they are familiar with when a need for something occurs.

You will know you have reached the pinnacle of brand awareness when your local community immediately recognizes your ads just by seeing your logo, hearing a familiar voice, or recognizing your jingle (if you have one).

Can you say your dealership has reached this lofty goal? If not, the folks at JKR Automotive Advertising can get you there. We’ll help you reach the masses with a memorable message … and our savvy media buyers (and state-of-the-art industry software) help you get the most bang for your buck. You’re just a phone call away from brand awareness at its finest; call Eric Tigner at (321) 397-0777 and get the ball rolling.

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