Brand Building Should Be Done Locally, Too

Brand BuildingBrand building is one of our strengths here at JKR Automotive Advertising. Car dealers often think of brand building on a national scale, but locally there are things that can be done to establish a brand with your customers and community.

National Brand Building

On a national level, every brand sends out a specific message through their advertising, their overall look and appearance and, of course, the products they sell. When you think of Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz, feelings of luxury and style enter your mind. When you think of Porsche you think of that, too … but you probably think of speed first. Volvo and Subaru typically make people have images of safety. Meanwhile, brands like Honda and Toyota conjure up entirely different images in your mind, most likely dependability, value and even practicality. 

Local Brand Building

Locally, however, it’s up to each auto dealer to also be its own brand. This wasn’t always the case, as there was a time when there wasn’t a great need for brand building. In those days, a car dealer simply waited for the usual four-year cycle to expire, knowing the typical customer would come back for a newer model. For the most part, those days are long gone. There are so many products out there – most of them pretty good – that brand building is now a very big deal.

Part of brand building on the local level is earning a reputation for world-class customer service. These days, the typical car shopper expects nothing less. It can’t be mere lip service (after all, almost every dealership claims they provide it); it must actually happen! It’s what often makes the difference between a sale and a walk-away; and also between a one-time customer and a lifetime customer.

Look at yourself from the customer’s point of view. Would you be satisfied with what you saw if you were on the other side of the negotiating table? How are your customers approached by your sales team? Is the music choice (and volume) in the showroom befitting of the brand(s) you sell? What is the condition of the showroom, and is it clean and inviting?

In addition, pay close attention to what customers are telling you – positive or negative. If you’re really willing to listen you’ll notice things, even if the customer doesn’t tell you directly. Be ready to make any improvements to your systems, if necessary, to improve the overall customer experience.

Finally, just as the image you project in the dealership is important … the image you project elsewhere makes a huge difference, too! This is especially true in your advertising, and that’s where the expertise of JKR Automotive Advertising can help you! We offer the best radio and TV commercials, print advertisements and newsletters, and digital marketing services available today. Using humor, current events and outstanding product offerings, our productions focus squarely on the things that make people want to buy cars! (If you don’t know specifically what those things are, you NEED to contact us today!) You’ll also enjoy the lowest ad rates in your area because of our cutting-edge software and tireless media buying negotiators.

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