Brand Compliance is One of Our Strengths

Brand ComplianceBrand compliance is a big deal in the world of automotive advertising. The vast majority of new-car dealerships depend heavily upon co-op reimbursement dollars from the corporate entity of the brand(s) they sell. This money goes a long way toward helping them get the reach and frequency they need to make their automotive advertising campaigns work.

As dealers know, in order to produce a “co-op-able” advertisement, specific guidelines must be met or the co-op claim will be rejected. In addition, there is a rather arduous pre-approval and paperwork submission process necessary to obtain these dollars.

Obtaining ad pre-approval; getting 100% correct invoices from media outlets; preparing them; checking them for accuracy and authorization; and submitting them to the proper channels for co-op reimbursement is a time-consuming and often frustrating task. JKR Automotive Advertising’s specialists are a great help … first, by making sure all creative follows corporate guidelines ensuring eligibility for co-op dollars and second, by taking the job of co-op submission off the dealer’s plate.

Brand Compliance Doesn’t Faze Us!

Here’s something else our clients appreciate: even though we work within the co-op guidelines, it doesn’t destroy our creativity! Despite the rules and restrictions put in place by the corporate entities – and the time restrictions that go along with advertising – JKR still produces creative advertisements with all the hooks that make people buy cars.

What can JKR Automotive Advertising help you with? We can add more time to your day, because we’re doing all the dirty work. With more time in your day, you can focus on what you do best – selling cars! We also remove the stress and complexities of everything that goes into the co-op pre-approval and submission processes, helping you get your monetary reimbursement as soon as possible. The bottom line? We make it easy for our clients.

JKR Automotive Advertising: We Move Cars!