How Do You Feel About the Brand You Sell?

BrandThe “Winter 2016 NADA Dealer Attitude Survey” is out … and it has yielded some extremely interesting dealership brand data. In short, the survey is much like the NADA’s report card by automotive brand. It’s based on three categories: franchise value, company policy and the brand’s personnel. Typically, they release the Top 10 and that’s it; but this time around Automotive News has obtained the complete study that includes 31 brands (excluding Scion). It can be viewed here should you decide to find out more.  


For starters, let’s get to the not-so-surprising results of the brand study. Lexus and Toyota finished first and second; meanwhile, Volkswagen and Mini were the two worst. Rounding out the rest of the Top 10 were Subaru, Honda, Porsche, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Kia, Jeep and Audi.


The biggest mover and shaker in this most recent brand survey is Volvo, who streaked all the way up to #13 after being #26 a year ago. Also showing upward mobility was Infiniti, who rose from #23 to #15. Conversely, the biggest tumbler was Land Rover, who went from #12 last year all the way to #26 in 2016. Additionally, Audi fell from fourth in 2015 to 10th this year.


The top three positions – Lexus, Toyota and Subaru – were unchanged from last year. This is largely due to high numbers of sales in the case of Lexus and Toyota; and seven consecutive years of increased sales for Subaru. Additionally, all three corporate entities are well-known for listening to their dealership base and acting on their concerns.


Do you agree with the findings of the NADA Dealer Attitude Survey based on how you feel about the brand(s) you sell at your dealership? Don’t worry; you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. We’re just here to provide you with information you might not otherwise discover.


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