Want to Know What the World Thinks about Your Brand? Check BrandIndex.

BrandIndexBrandIndex is a company that measures thousands of daily brand perceptions worldwide among the general public. They register the average person’s opinions on such things as a company’s advertising buzz, quality and value of product offerings, and a whole host of other things.


By doing these surveys on a regular basis, many companies are able to see what’s moving the advertising needle positively or negatively, allowing them to make adjustments accordingly. Many companies also use BrandIndex to track their competitors.

Why BrandIndex?

Each day YouGov, the parent company of BrandIndex, interviews thousands of people from its bank of 2.5 million individuals worldwide, providing the data that is representative of adults in the particular industry and country in which a survey is being conducted. In the United States alone, BrandIndex conducts more than 1.2 interviews each year.


As you may imagine, BrandIndex does have a section specific to automotive, which can be found here. What’s happening in the car biz these days? Here are a couple examples.


∙ Predictably, Volkswagen is at its lowest positive perception level since 2009; no surprise there given the release of their unfortunate news this past weekend regarding their diesel-engine cars – and their subsequent shift into damage-control mode.

∙ Honda and Toyota lead all auto makers with the highest scoring perception metrics among millennials who plan to purchase vehicles sometime in the next year. Ford and BMW follow closely behind.


If you want more (and more specific) details than what their Website gives, it’s available but at a price – you would have to purchase a subscription. But if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of what John Q. Public has to say about your brand, it’s worth a visit to this interesting Internet address to get the proverbial word on the street.


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