Getting the Most from Your Ad Budget

BudgetHow can an automobile dealer get the most out of his/her advertising budget? If they’re doing their own advertising, the answer is simple: they can’t. How can we be sure of this? Just as the dealer invests in tools to do their job properly and efficiently, we at JKR Automotive Advertising spare no expense to deploy the most effective software available to us. We also feature experienced, proven professionals who are ready to ensure maximum ad campaign effectiveness every step of the way … month after month; year after year. It’s why more than a third of our client base has been with us for at least a decade!


There are some fundamental things every dealer wants when it comes to advertising. They want the lowest ad rates possible. They want the right mixture of reach and frequency, so their advertisements are seen/heard by the right people the proper number of times. They want proof the chosen media outlets deliver everything they promise. They want effective, creative advertisements that focus on the reasons people buy cars. They also want to make sure these ads follow the stringent guidelines of their corporate entities, so they receive co-op dollars. In short, they want a lot!

Budget Concerns

Now consider what happens when a dealer doesn’t have all these things. They would have unnecessarily high ad rates; an iffy target audience; no guarantee of media performance; boring, ineffective ads; and the inability to recoup corporate co-op dollars. This all adds up to fewer sales and wasted advertising dollars – certainly not the best use of a dealer’s advertising budget.


If you think you’re ready to “kick the tires” a little and see what JKR can do, give Eric Tigner a call today at (321) 397-0777. We’ll send you a FREE AUTOMOTIVE ADVERTISING REVIEW that’ll give you a taste of what we can do … with absolutely no obligation on your part. Once you find out all the ways JKR Automotive Advertising can benefit you and your dealership, you’ll begin to wonder how you ever managed your budget without us!


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