Reach Them Before They Begin The Buying Process

Research shows nearly nine out of every 10 car shoppers begin their buying process by conducting online research. Though most dealers are certainly aware of this, what are they doing – if anything – to make sure their dealership’s Website is top-of-mind with these potential customers?


Some decide to put all their efforts into making sure their Websites are as user-friendly as possible so customers will remain on the site and get the information they’re seeking. While this is certainly a good start, it is only a portion of what they should be doing.


It’s the most successful dealers who understand that the groundwork for a sale must be made prior to the point the Internet search process ever begins. By this time, you already need to be “in their heads”. Car shoppers need to know who you are before they decide to get into the market for a vehicle or there’s a very good chance they’ll never click through to your dealership’s Website at all.


The renowned Wizard of Ads Roy Williams put it this way: “The purpose of customer bonding is to become the business that people think of immediately and feel the best about when they – or any of their friends – need what you sell. You have to begin reaching them before they need you, and then wait until they do.”


That’s why, despite the inroads made by online advertising in recent years, it is still very difficult to build the identity of a dealership without advertising on radio or television. TV and radio ads work like megaphones to blast your message to the specific audience you’re looking to reach – and one of the residual benefits is driving people to your Website.

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