Why Car Dealers Should Advertise … No Matter What

Car Dealers Should AdvertiseHere is why car dealers should advertise. It makes no difference if your automotive dealership is large or small; big-city or rural; established or brand-new. Simply put, you can’t afford to ignore automotive advertising.

Here at JKR Automotive Advertising & Marketing, when we talk to potential clients we hear some very interesting reasons why they choose not to advertise. Some say, “We’re doing so well, we don’t need to advertise.” Others say, “Our dealership has been here for many years, and everybody knows we’re here. All we have to do is sit back and watch the customers come in.” Still others say, “Things have been slow around here, and as a result we simply don’t have a budget for automotive advertising.” Allow us to address each reason.

The Bottom Line

If you are currently dominating your market, we’re happy for you! But here’s the thing … at some point, you’re going to slow down. It might not be today or tomorrow, but it will happen – and when it does, you’ll wish you’d laid the groundwork (think: advertising) for car shoppers in your community to recall your dealership because they’ve seen or heard your advertisements.

If your dealership has been established in your community for a very long time, it is certainly a major plus. But saying that everyone knows who you are and where you’re located isn’t exactly true. After all, people come and go in every metropolitan area in our country on a daily basis – and most of those new people have never heard of you!

Car Dealers Should Advertise

We hope you are now convinced that all car dealers should advertise! When you contact JKR, we can show you how to get in front of the right people, the right number of times – at the right times. In addition, we’ll give you a valuable, tangible sample of what we can do for you and your dealership. You’ll get a FREE Automotive Advertising Review. We’ll show you what’s happening in your market, review your current advertising efforts and give you our expert feedback. Go ahead … imagine what your bottom line would be like with increased sales of 30% or more in less than two weeks! Contact JKR Automotive Advertising, and we’ll turn your dreams into reality.

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