Vehicle Reports: What’s Coming and Going?

Coming and GoingIt’s the time in the vehicle model year to hear about vehicles that are coming and going. In other words, which ones will be all-new or redesigned; and which will be discontinued and become distant memories.

Among the first “coming and going” notices this year was from Dodge, discontinuing the Avenger so it wouldn’t compete with its sister vehicle, the 2015 Chrysler 200. Since then, more information has come out, and we bring some of it to you here. 

Coming and Going: A Partial List

Coming: The redesigned Smart fortwo. The new version will continue to have a 105.9-inch size, and will feature a higher strength steel for increased passenger safety. The new version will feature a choice of two engines, one of which will be turbocharged.

Coming: The redesigned Mazda2. It goes on sale soon in Japan with two engine choices, one of which is a diesel. It will feature design cues closer to its larger siblings, the Mazda3 and Mazda6. No word on which engine choices will be available in the United States or when it will make its debut.

Coming: The all-new Volkswagen “CrossBlue” concept SUV into production. Dubbed a “high-capacity” crossover, it will be built in VW’s Chattanooga, TN factory. The concept vehicle was a diesel-hybrid model, but speculation persists that a gas-hybrid model will be the offering in the United States when it debuts.

Going: Nissan Murano Cross-Cab. Nissan’s attempt to produce a convertible crossover SUV was a bold move. Despite considerable time and effort to make it succeed since its 2011 debut, it never really caught on. Some experts actually compared its odd look to “a bathtub on wheels.”

Going: Nissan Cube. The boxy small car was designed in 2009 to compete in what at the time was a hotly contested niche that had it going against vehicles such as the Kia Soul, the Honda Fit and the Scion xB. Now that the dust has settled, only the Soul has been truly successful – so this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Going: Dodge Durango. The Chrysler group’s largest SUV is being phased out, but Durango lovers shouldn’t be totally bummed. Its replacement (in 2016) will be the rebirth of the Jeep Wagoneer, which will have several similarities to the Durango.