Great Commercial Elements Make Ad Campaigns Successful

Commercial ElementsAn automobile dealership’s advertisement will be most successful when it contains all the great commercial elements. Today, we’re not talking about the media buy (think: reach and frequency) which is every bit as important; we’re just focusing on the advertisement itself. So, what are some of these great commercial elements?


The ad must stay on point. Trying to cram too many different thoughts into a short 30- or 60- second time frame will only distract and confuse a potential customer.


The ad must include an enticing offer. As a car dealer, you know what your customers want. Give them what they seek – a great deal they can’t refuse.


The ad must create urgency. The consumer can’t watch or listen to your ad and feel like they can get the same deal two months from now. An effective call to action is a necessary part of a car ad.


The ads must be consistent. Over time, you need to keep the general vibe of your message the same. You’ll know you’re doing it right when consumers recognize your brand before it’s actually mentioned.


The ad must be memorable. Be careful here … don’t let the need to entertain your customers override what you’re trying to do with your advertising, which is asking the customer for their business.


The ad should contain eye-catching graphics (if applicable). A great visual graphic draws the viewer’s attention and makes him/her want to watch the remainder of your advertisement.


While no single one of the great commercial elements by itself will make lifetime customers out of your community’s viewers and listeners, they do work incredibly well in concert with each other. Just ask any of our clients!


Want to Know More?

If you’d like to find out more, please call Eric Tigner at (321) 397-0777 today. We’ll give you the complete details on the way you can dominate your market – in part, by using these great commercial elements. For the cost of only a few minutes of your time, he will provide you with a no-strings-attached, FREE Advertising Review. JKR will take a close look at what you (and your competition) are doing to win customers in your market, and give you our expert feedback.


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