Dealing With a Company Crisis

Company Crisis
Dean Turcol

Firefighters are called at the discovery of a fire, and in much the same manner PR professionals are called to put out fires related to a company crisis. Of course, no auto dealership wants to be in a position such as this, but sometimes due to a mistake – or possibly even through no fault of their own – a dealer can wind up in a situation requiring crisis management.


What should an automotive dealership do in a crisis situation? In most cases, the answer is to look for help from a public relations professional. “When a car dealer decides to proceed on their own, mistakes can happen,” said Dean Turcol, Public Relations Director for JKR Automotive Advertising and its sister company, Benedict Advertising. “You could say or do something that may ignite an even bigger firestorm, or you could inadvertently disclose something about your dealership you don’t want the public to know. That’s why a public relations professional should be consulted.”


When searching for a PR pro during a company crisis, Turcol says it’s vital to ask questions. “The most important thing to find out is how much experience they have,” he explained. “There are many different PR crises that can happen, and someone with years of experience is best equipped to lead you through them. Also, be sure to only deal with someone who has both corporate and agency experience, so you get the best of both worlds.”


Why is it such a big advantage to have a PR professional on your side? “They will have the media contacts you need; and they can identify and position your strategy in a way that best represents your dealership, delivering the key messaging points to build a strong, positive media perception,” said Turcol. “Remember, too, that the value and credibility of earned media coverage is about three-and-a-half times greater than the value of a comparable media buy.”


Led by Dean Turcol, JKR’s crisis management team has more than 50 combined years of experience. We understand the impact of every decision made during these times, and can ensure the best possible outcome – including the restoration of a dealership’s reputation after the crisis is over. For more information, call Eric Tigner at (321) 397-0777 today.


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