An Explanation of Our Company Name

Over the years, we have been frequently asked why our company name includes both “advertising” and “marketing”. There are a lot of people who believe these terms are virtually interchangeable, while others get them confused with one another.


This blog gives an explanation of each of these two all-important words and discusses how they apply to what we do on a daily basis at JKR Automotive Advertising & Marketing.


Our Company Name: Advertising

Advertising can be defined as a persuasive presentation of a product, idea or organization to an audience of existing and potential customers. Examples include radio, TV, direct mail, newspapers, Internet and billboards.


Our Company Name: Marketing

Marketing is the planning, implementation and control of getting products and services introduced into the marketplace. In other words, marketing is the entire step-by-step process – and advertising is just one element of it. Other portions could include things like media planning/buying, public relations, distribution, sales strategy and so forth – with each client’s ultimate plan determined through factors such as budgets, goals, the types of products and services they offer their customers, etc.


For an automobile dealer, both advertising and marketing are extremely important. Sadly, a lot of advertising agencies are only advertisers … meaning they are not able to handle an entire marketing strategy for their customers. Meanwhile, JKR’s clients truly enjoy the fact that we can capably take care of 100% of their needs and wants – quickly, efficiently and effectively. So even if our clients don’t understand the whole advertising and marketing thing associated with our company name, that’s OK … because we do.



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