Nielsen Comparable Metrics Report Released

Comparable Metrics Report

The folks at Nielsen recently released their first-ever Comparable Metrics Report in an effort to show the ways Americans receive media in true apples-to-apples fashion. The results demonstrate what we already knew to be true: Americans still prefer radio and TV to all other forms of media.


Comparable Metrics Report Stats

In terms of how many people are being contacted by a particular form of media (known as “cume” in radio; “reach” in TV; and “unique audience in digital”) – radio comes in first, reaching 93% of all adults each week. Radio is followed closely by TV, which reaches 87% of adults. Smartphones are a distant third at 71%, followed by PCs (54%), TV-connected devices (40%) and tablets (29%).


But the reach factor only tells half the story. The other important part of the Comparable Metrics Report goes even further to play up the virtues of radio and TV advertising, showing how long people are tuned in. Here, television is the undisputed leader at 33 hours per week, while radio is second at 13. They were followed by smartphones (8 hours), PCs (5 hours), and TV-connected devices and tablets (approximately 3 hours each).


Radio was shown to be the most consistent media source across all generational and cultural boundaries, which is something to consider when you’re formulating your advertising strategy.


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