How to Write Compelling Copy for Advertisements

Compelling CopyCompelling copy is a major part of any automotive advertisement. We at JKR Automotive Advertising understand the importance of a well-written script, and in order to ensure success there are certain guidelines we follow. Below are just a few.


Know your target audience. Who are they? What’s on their minds? What makes them tick? Once you have done the research, you can craft your copy accordingly.


Take into account the medium for which you’re writing. For example, in many cases you will want to craft a radio script differently than you would a TV script for the same product – because TV offers the visual effect radio cannot provide.


Clearly identify the advantages of products and services you are pitching. What makes them different? What makes them better, or distinguishes them from their competition?


Use quick-hitting, concise copy. You have a very finite amount of time to make your point, so the quicker you can get to it, the better.


Don’t make the consumer have to hunt for the main point of your ad. Because they won’t! It should be obvious within the first few seconds of your ad, and it should be repeated, too.


Be careful when you try to be excessively creative. By doing so, you are apt to distract the consumer from the real point of the advertisement. Compelling copy is great, but not when it takes the focus away from your intended message.


Create urgency. This is especially true when it comes to automobiles! When you give the customer the feeling they must act soon, it can often be the thing that makes the customer who’s “on the fence” come in and buy a car from you!


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